4/24・25【ACCEPT 来日公演】公演延期のお知らせ

4/24(金),25(土) ACCEPT来日公演延期のお知らせ

4/24(金)と25(土)にクラブチッタで開催を予定しておりましたアクセプトの来日公演は、 新型コロナウイルス感染症による国内外の状況を考慮し、アーティスト側と協議を重ねてまいりました結果、 やむを得ず公演を延期とさせて頂くことになりました。
振替公演の日程が決定次第、公演特設ページ、クラブチッタホームページにて詳細をご案内させて 頂きますので、今しばらくお待ち頂けますよう御願い申し上げます。
【ACCEPT 「2 NIGHTS TO REMEMBER」公演特設ページ】https://clubcitta.co.jp/001/accept/
【CLUB CITTA’ ホームページ】https://clubcitta.co.jp/

Announcement of postponement of ACCEPT Japan Tour

We regret to announce that the ACCEPT Japan Tour scheduled for April 24 (Fri), 25 (Sat), 2020 at CLUB CITTA' has been unavoidably postponed following discussions with the Artist side due to the escalating situation around the Coronavirus all over the world.
We deeply apologize to all people concerned especially those customers who bought tickets and have been looking forward to the artist’s shows.
Currently, we are working on rescheduling the show dates. Your tickets for the original dates will be valid for the rescheduled dates.
Please ensure you keep your tickets safe. For those customers who wish to receive a refund, or if the new dates will not work for you, we will announce details of the refund process once we announce the rescheduled dates via the special webpage of the Artist Japan tour/CLUB CITTA's webpage. Your patience on this matter would be much appreciated.
Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment caused.
【ACCEPT 「2 NIGHTS TO REMEMBER」special webpage】https://clubcitta.co.jp/001/accept/
【CLUB CITTA’webpage】https://clubcitta.co.jp/

2020-03-27 更新